EUscreenXL on the Future of Archives at NECS 2015

Every year NECS, the European Network for Cinema and Media Studies gathers a significant number of scholars, researchers, media professionals and archivists from all over the world. The 2015 NECS Conference took place this year in Łódź, Poland on 18th-20th June. The theme of the conference was “Archive of/for the Future” and certainly, this theme could not be more appropriate and relevant for EUscreenXL. A team of EUscreenXL representatives participated to the event presenting an entire panel session on “Perspectives on the Contextualization of Audiovisual Online Archives: Access and Publication Formats” represented by myself, Mariana Salgado from Aalto University, Eleonora Maria Mazzoli from Utrecht University, and Dana Mustata from Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. You can find the full conference report here on the EUscreen blog.