A Workshop on Contextualization, or: How can AV contextualization practices benefit best from the affordances of online publication?

EUscreenXLOn Day 2 of the upcoming EUscreenXL conference “From Audience to User: Engaging with Audiovisual Heritage Online” (Rome, 30-31 October) an interactive workshop on Contextualization will be held (see also this Flyer on the EUscreen contextualization workshop & contextualization community) centred on the following question: How can AV contextualization practices benefit best from the affordances of online publication? Although various tools and functionalities are currently being developed to search, explore, and analyse digital audio-visual sources (AV), this workshop will focus on the next step: how to contextualize and publish research and remix practices with audio and/or video materials online. The workshop will explore selected scenarios for online publications exploring, using, commenting on and even remixing AV content. It will draw from both existing online publications, by scholars and by media professionals, and scenarios newly developed as part of a university course on doing television history online. The selected scenarios will then be tested and discussed by the participants of the workshop with regard to their own publication contexts. You can download the description of this workshop, lead by Berber Hagedoorn (Utrecht University), Willemien Sanders (Utrecht University), Mariana Salgado (Aalto University School of Art and Design) and Daniel Ockeloen (Noterik BV), here. The workshop is part of our efforts to create a ‘contextualization community’. At the conference in Rome, the EUscreen network will address and discuss current challenges for online cultural heritage initiatives with archivists, scholars of cultural (audiovisual) heritage, web designers, data specialists and policy makers.