New publication in Holocaust Intersections: Genocide and Visual Culture at the New Millennium, digital version available

The recently published edited volume Holocaust Intersections: Genocide and Visual Culture at the New Millennium (Eds. Bangert, Gordon & Saxton, Legenda 2013) features my work on Dutch multi-platform TV documentary and the performance of the cultural memory of the Holocaust, and I was kindly allowed to share a digital version of my contribution.hi From the publisher’s website: “Recent representations of the Holocaust have increasingly prompted us to think beyond rigid demarcations of nation and history, medium and genre. Holocaust Intersections sets out to investigate the many points of conjunction between these categories in contemporary images of genocide. The book examines transnational and transhistorical constellations in the field, disclosing rich instances of intersection, of border-crossing and boundary-troubling at levels of production, distribution and reception. It ranges widely over popular Hollywood cinema, documentary film, installation art, TV history and internet platforms. It probes the personal visions of filmakers such as Michael Haneke, Harun Farocki, Rithy Panh and Quentin Tarantino, and it explores the contrasting contexts and histories of France and Italy, Holland and Poland, Cambodia and Rwanda, as each tackled the legacies of genocide. Drawing on a wide variety of different media and on the most recent scholarship on responses to the Holocaust in historiography and visual culture, Holocaust Intersections brings together a group of leading international scholars to update our understanding of how we look at the Holocaust and genocide today.” See also: