Visit to La Trobe University, Melbourne and Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia

In October 2012, I had the opportunity to visit La Trobe University in Melbourne and Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia in the context of the joint mobility project Border Crossings: People and Places. By means of this staff exchange I was able to establish contact, exchange ideas and discuss my research work with scholars at both Universities in the fields of Media and Screen Studies (particularly in relation to the history and theory of media convergence, documentary, television and public broadcasting, new digital media and participatory media) and exchange ideas with and receive feedback on my work from several prominent scholars in the field, such as Melanie Swalwell and Karen Vered at Flinders University, and Mary Debrett at La Trobe University. I was invited to conduct a guest lecture at both Universities: I conducted a doctoral research presentation at La Trobe University and a public lecture at Flinders University, by means of which I was able to present my work to and receive feedback from a wider group of colleagues. I really appreciated both these opportunities to critically engage with an international audience on the subject of my research, which brought fresh perspectives to light which I will put into practice in my dissertation project. I was also able to learn more about the research conducted at La Trobe University and Flinders University and gained new knowledge and insights within the field of Media and Screen Studies by attending seminars and importantly by engaging in conversations with colleagues at both Universities. Finally, it was also gratifying to be able to exchange ideas with students, even more so because at Utrecht University I taught students from Flinders and La Trobe as part of the EU-AU Global Citizenship Exchange Programme.

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