Second FIAT/IFTA Television Studies Seminar, British Film Institute, London

On 28 September 2012 the Television Studies Commission of the International Federation of Television Archives (FIAT/IFTA) organised a one-day seminar at the British Film Institute in London, bringing together television studies scholars and television archivists from around the world. I presented a paper titled ‘Visualizing History and Memory for a Young Target Audience in Dutch Multi-Platform TV’, which focused on the Dutch youth documentary/drama series 13 in de Oorlog [13 at War] (NPS 2009-10). The series (target audience 8-13 year olds) conveys Holocaust memory and the historical canon of World War II in the Netherlands and former Dutch East Indies through the incorporation of audiovisual archival footage as well as fictionalized narratives, and exemplifies new dynamic ways in which cultural memory is reproduced, circulated and made sense of via the medium of television in the current media landscape. Check out the EUscreen blog post on the event here.